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Comment vérifier la fonction du UMB06 ?

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temps de mise à jour : 2024-04-28 00:26:20

UMB06 is a 3-in-1 MIDI box - 4i/4o USB MIDI, MIDI Merge, and MIDI Thru. Using UMB06 can be a bit complex for beginners in MIDI composition. To effectively utilize UMB06, it's important to understand its three operational modes:

1. 4i/4o USB MIDI
In this mode, you connect UMB06 to your computer using a USB A-B cable.

2. MIDI Merger
For standalone use in MIDI Merger mode, it's recommended to avoid connecting UMB06 to the computer. Instead, connect the USB A-B cable to a regular USB charger.

3. MIDI Thru
Similarly, for standalone use in MIDI Thru mode, it's advised not to connect UMB06 to the computer. Connect the USB A-B cable to a regular USB charger.

Most issues occur in the USB-MIDI mode due to the multiple inputs and outputs. Here's a simple solution for beginners when encountering "issues":

1. Windows system: Use MIDI-OX, a user-friendly and easily understandable software.
 - Download & Install MIDI-OX ( )
 - Connect Hardwares Properly.
 - Run MIDI-OX & Make MIDI Routing Settings


1. Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth - To be simple, this is Audio output on computer.
2. USB Midi 4i4o - In A / Out A
3. MIDIOUT2  (USB Midi 4i4o) - In B / Out B
4. MIDIOUT3  (USB Midi 4i4o) - In C / Out C
5. MIDIOUT4  (USB Midi 4i4o) - In D / Out D

2. macOS system: Utilize the Audio MIDI Setup provided by Apple.